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Moreno Valley Unified School District has more than 2,200 seniors ready to graduate in June. The past few months have been a challenging time for everyone, but especially those that are missing their final year in high school.

This has been another hard hit year for the senior class of 2021.  Missed opportunities for dances, activities, senior trips, college field trips, prom.  Yet in light of world events and tragic loss of their senior year, 2200 students from Moreno Valley Unified School District accomplished an astonishing feat tackling these challenges head on showing how strong and ready they are to take on the world ahead of them!

Help us celebrate the accomplishments of these amazing graduates and show them how proud we are of them by adopting and supporting one or more students with something special.

  • Write an encouraging letter

  • Give a gift basket filled with snacks or supplies

  • Purchase a gift/gas card

  • Buy them a Class of 2021 t-shirt or future college

  • Be creative and show them you care

Support that special Senior in your life or let our team match you with some of MVUSD's best senior graduates ever!

Already have a senior in mind?  Family member, friend or someone close to your business?  Let us know in the sign up form below and show them your support by adopting them and sending them a well deserved gift.

Are you a vendor, business or community member looking to sponsor one or more of MVUSD's amazing graduating students, let us know in the sign up form below and our team of dedicated volunteers and MVUSD administrators will match you with hard working seniors to adopt.

A schedule for gift drop-off and distribution will be provided by April 30th.  Last year, the entire class  of 2020 was adopted thanks to the generosity of the Moreno Valley community

If you would like to participate in the MVEF Adopt-a-Senior program simply click and complete the form below.

Adopt-A-Senior Sign up form

From our hearts to yours, we thank you for supporting MVUSD's seniors!

-Moreno Valley Education Foundation

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